Sign up for your FileCatalyst Space

- User accounts will be billed at $10 per user per month.
- Data transfer* and storage** fees may apply.

* Data Transfer Fees apply if using hosted FileCatalyst Server.
** Storage fees only apply if you use FileCatalyst's Cloud Storage. Minimum storage cost is $10 per month for 1TB

FileCatalyst Spaces comes with all the features you need to perform file transfers. If you would like to use the additional features below, please include them by selecting them before signing up. You can also add on these features after signing up through the Manage Subscription page.

During your trial you will have 1 TB storage limit. This limit applies to the sum of active and deleted storage. This means that even if you delete some of the active storage to get under the 1 TB limit, you may still be impeded by active + deleted storage limit. If this 1 TB limit impedes your testing, contact us and ask to change your free trial to a full paid subscription. You will be charged for any ongoing activities on your account once your trial is terminated. Please allow up-to 2 business days for the change on your account to take effect.

Select Optional Add Ons

Standard Support ($200.00)

Standard Support for FileCatalyst Spaces. This includes access to priority support including, tickets, chat and phone support. View Support Level Agreement (SLA)

Public Job Submission ($20.00)

Enable support for users to submit jobs into your Spaces platform, without requiring a user account on the system.

API (Programmatic job submissions and user management) ($50.00)

Enable support for API access to your Spaces platform.

HotFolder Job Submission ($50.00)

Enable the ability to automate Job Submissions into your Spaces platform.

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